la première

To start this off, I’d like to leave a little disclaimer – although I will attempt to be as objective as possible in my posts, these writings are primarily based on my opinions and past experiences in life. Despite the importance of being open-minded, my experience in Egypt does not represent every traveler’s experiences to Egypt.

As I’ve spent my time here, in the heated summer of 2016, I’ve been coming across different challenges and events which have made me think a little bit more – about myself, and about society. I wish to record my experiences so that others wishing to visit Egypt can get a taste of what others have seen, and done. Essentially, this blog is just another little drop into the pool of information on the net.

For my background, I am currently a 21-year-old university student about to finish her last year in undergrad, and am interested in global studies, sustainability, international development, and urban planning. I grew up in the Midwest and West Texas, although my college years have been spent in the lovely oven of Arizona.

For context, I’m a bit short, and have hapa roots. I look like a petite little lady, sometimes still mistaken for a younger teenager, but actually feel a little bit more like a tomboyish kid. My personality has recently become ISFJ, and I’m a bit more introverted, stern and serious, but still up for a good time and good experience!

I have been in Egypt since May 21st living in Downtown Cairo, and will leave July 24th for a few days to visit my host sister in Marseille, a stop by Rome, and then back to the states. I am currently doing a volunteer internship project with a global youth leadership organization and spend most working hours completing projects and office work I can talk about a little later!

Lastly, I have been very fortunate to travel abroad before. Although Egypt has been the longest experience abroad up-to-date, thanks to school trip opportunities, I have been to Japan, Australia, and France, as a one-to-two-week student ambassador for each.

Here are some topics I’ll be hitting upon: Food, social interactions, metro, Cairo, sustainability, the Red Sea, living with international interns, hostel experiences, work experiences.

I hope that in the future, these experiences become useful or interesting to someone and help them with their own travelling experiences!

Stay tuned, and happy 4th of July!


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